2017 Lux Infopresse  Prizewinner - Montreal, Canada

With a degreein photography obtained in Chalon-sur-Saône (France), David Himbert is anindependent photographer based in Montréal since 1999. Passionate aboutinternational policy, he has a special interest in the balance of power, payingclose attention to the transition period started in Cuba, where the Castrorevolution appears to be gradually giving way to a market economy.

David is alsoa boxing enthusiast, a sport he considers as one of humanity’s last protected areaswhere, away from trends and appearances, a man openly and frankly revealshimself in a rare moment of respect and truth.

 In 2017, David Himbert received in Montréal aLux - Infopresse prize, in the “Photo‑reportage/News” category, for his work onthe Cuban people during Fidel Castro’s funerals.