Reportage and documentary photographer, based in Montreal, QC, Canada

With a degree in photography obtained in Chalon-sur-Saône (France), David Himbert is an independent photographer based in Montréal since 1999. Passionate about international policy, he has a special interest in the balance of power, paying close attention since 2011 to the transition period started in Cuba, where the Castro revolution appears to be gradually giving way to a market economy.

He is also a boxing enthusiast, a sport he considers as one of humanity’s last protected areas where, away from trends and appearances, a man openly and frankly reveals himself in a rare moment of respect and truth.

David collaborates with various Canadian and foreign media (Mediapart, L'Obs, Dissent Magazine, BuzzFeed, 6 Mois, Le Devoir, L'Inconvénient, Urbania, Huffington Post, L'Itinéraire, Le Point, Marianne, El Paìs, Politis, etc.) and is represented in Paris by Hans Lucas Studio (partner of AFP).

In 2017, David Himbert received in Montréal a Lux - Infopresse prize, in the “Photo reportage/News” category, for his work on the Cuban people during Fidel Castro’s funerals.

In 2018, he won a Silver Award in the “Photojournalism and Photo Essay” category of the 41st Annual National Magazine Awards (Canada).

Member of the News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC)
Member of Association of Independent Journalists of Quebec (AJIC)

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Prix Lux Infopresse 2017

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