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Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Welcome to our exclusive collection of Lightroom presets designed to inspire and transform your images. Whether you're a professional photographer, an enthusiast, or someone who simply loves the art of visual storytelling, our presets are your gateway to achieving remarkable and iconic styles effortlessly.

The Power of Presets

Presets are like secret ingredients that can turn a good photograph into a masterpiece. They offer a quick and efficient way to apply complex adjustments, color grading, and stylistic enhancements to your photos with a single click. Imagine the possibilities when you can instantly infuse your images with the essence of legendary photographers like William Klein, Annie Leibovitz, Robert Doisneau, Sebastião Salgado, Sarah Moon, etc.

Our Exclusive Collection

William Klein Inspired Preset

Channel the raw, edgy style of William Klein, the master of street photography. This preset will give your photos high contrast, grainy textures, and a stunning monochrome look, capturing the essence of urban life.

Robert Doisneau Inspired Preset

Embrace the poetic realism of Robert Doisneau with this preset. It adds soft black and white tones, gentle contrast, and subtle textures to your images, transforming them into timeless works of art.

Sebastião Salgado Inspired Preset

Journey through humanity's stories with this preset inspired by Sebastião Salgado. Achieve dramatic monochrome tones, enhanced clarity, and the emotional depth that defines Salgado's captivating photography.

Studio Harcourt Inspired Preset

Elevate your portrait photography to iconic status with our Studio Harcourt inspired preset. It adds dramatic lighting, rich contrasts, and a professional finish, giving your portraits the timeless elegance of Studio Harcourt.

World Press Photo Inspired Preset

Immerse yourself in the world of photojournalism with this preset. It allows you to capture the raw realism and emotive color grading that characterize the best in the field, inspired by World Press Photo winners.

Jeanloup Sieff Inspired Preset

Discover the sensual and captivating style of Jeanloup Sieff with our exclusive preset. Inspired by the legendary fashion and portrait photographer, this preset adds a touch of sophistication to your images. Achieve rich, monochrome tones, impeccable lighting, and an unmistakable sense of allure that echoes Sieff's iconic fashion photography.

Annie Leibovitz Inspired Preset

Elevate your photos with our Annie Leibovitz-inspired Lightroom preset. Perfect for capturing depth and emotion with unique green-blue tones, this preset adds a cinematic touch to portraits and editorial work, embodying the timeless essence of Leibovitz's style in just one click.

David LaChapelle Inspired Preset

Transform your photos with our LaChapelle Inspired Preset for Lightroom. Achieve vibrant, dramatic imagery with deep contrasts and rich colors, emulating LaChapelle's iconic style effortlessly. Ideal for photographers seeking artistic flair.

Sarah Moon Inspired Preset

Discover our Sarah Moon inspired Lightroom preset to transform your photos with ethereal beauty and vintage elegance. Perfect for fashion, portraits, and more. Download now!

Ansel Adams Inspired Preset

Capture the essence of Ansel Adams' legendary landscape photography with our exclusive Lightroom preset. Perfect for nature and architecture, transform your photos with dynamic range, detailed textures, and timeless monochrome beauty.

Raymond Depardon Inspired Preset

Immerse in Magnum's documentary style with our Raymond Depardon Glasgow Lightroom preset. Ideal for street and urban photography. Get it now!

Vivian Maier Inspired Preset

Capture the essence of Vivian Maier's iconic street photography with our exclusive Lightroom preset. Transform your images with deep shadows, rich monochrome tones, and compelling storytelling. Download now and join a community of inspired photographers!

Henri Cartier-Bresson Inspired Preset

Elevate your photos with our Henri Cartier-Bresson-inspired Lightroom preset. Perfect for capturing decisive moments and monochrome mastery. Transform your photography today!

Steve McCurry Inspired Preset

Embrace the iconic Steve McCurry style in your photos with our custom Lightroom preset. Achieve vibrant storytelling, rich colors, and profound depth easily. Transform your images today!

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How It Works

Using our presets is a breeze. After purchasing, simply download and install them into your Adobe Lightroom software. From there, it's a matter of selecting the preset that matches the style you want to achieve and applying it to your photos. Once applied, a slider will appear, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the preset's effect on your photo.Y ou'll be amazed at how your images transform with just one click!

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Professional photographer based in Montreal, represented in Paris by the Hans Lucas studio, and in New York by the Polaris agency.

 Graduated in photography in Chalon-sur-Saône, France, I work with businesses and institutions, media outlets, executives, and public figures.

I regularly collaborate with various international media outlets, including L'Express, Los Angeles Times, Le Figaro, El Pais, Le Monde, Jeune Afrique, Mediapart, L'Obs, Dissent Magazine, Télérama, Courrier International, BuzzFeed, Le Devoir, L'Inconvénient, L'Itinéraire, Le Point, Marianne, The Sun, etc.

I have received several awards in Quebec and Canada, including a Lux Infopresse award, which recognizes outstanding visual achievements in the fields of photography and illustration in Quebec, and a silver medal at the Grand Prix du Magazine Canadien in Toronto.

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