¿Y AHORA, CUBA? (2016-2018)

Made on 4 journeys, halfway between black & white and color to illustrate the in-between worlds in which Cuba seems suspended, this series of photos has the heavy task of telling the aspirations and disillusions of the Cuban people since the historic visit of Obama in March 2016, until the departure of Raul Castro in April 2018, obviously passing by the election of Donald Trump at the White House.

Long-term work and a complex statement to draw up. While the year 2018 should be the year of all hopes and transition, Cuba seems once again frozen. No longer fixed in the past as in recent decades, but frozen in the present, caught between a revolution that is struggling to finish, and a future in the form of an American dream that still seems out of reach.

A present marked by bitterness and apathy, where we go on the Internet to entertain and forget, rather than participate in the world march. It must be said that in the meantime Donald Trump became President of the United States, that he maintained the embargo and canceled the agreement signed with his predecessor, and that the last of the Castro brothers seems to have better prepared his succession than he did not appear there.

Utopia dissolves, time stretches, and it is resignation that prevails, again.

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